Macbeth lives, dies in Rangeley… for thirty minutes

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From left to right: Emma Christensen, Benjamin Layman, Daren Decelles, Tucker Simmons, Dagmar Wetherill, Alyssa Ferguson, Christa Bonney (kneeling), Mallory O’Neil, Kent, Connor Durgin, Maryam Emami.

RANGELEY – The Rangeley Friends of the Arts is truly a friend of Rangeley students. With the monetary encouragement from the RFA, RLRS’s high school was able to invite two teaching actors from the Penobscot Theater to conjure the sort of magic only live theater can, and Macbeth, for an Intersession project.

These students, with superior tutelage from Kent and Ben, were able to do what many an acting troupe have done ‘ere these past four centuries, but with the sort of individuality only Rangeley can bring to such a production. Macbeth came to life, killed many innocents, and then died… again. Three days of amazing theater work with 10 awesome students, two consummate professional actors (Kent and Ben), one crazy idea of abridging Shakespeare’s Macbeth to a mere 30 minutes, and no one around to tell us it couldn’t be done.

Wow. Education is about the experience and the application of what we learn, how we learn, and with whom we learn. Intersession affords a more focused and intense climate for project building. Maine’s Learning Results are adhered to in a celebrated fashion. Fun definitely has its place in education, though brass tacks remain an essential aspect of the learning dynamic.

We can say many years hence that we shared a stage together, and it was the world.

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