Rangeley Library bringing books to your mailbox

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RANGELEY – The Rangeley Public Library announces a new program that will make borrowing children’s books as easy as walking out to your mailbox. Starting this month, parents may join the Books by Mail club to have the convenience of children’s books mailed directly to their homes.

“We have several working parents who can only come to the Library with their children once a week. However, with the winter weather it can be difficult and dangerous for these parents to drive over to the Library. One of our goals as an organization is to get books into the hands of parents and children because literacy and reading aloud is so important. This new program is a sign of our commitment to this goal,” said Martin Gagnon, the library’s director.

Parents will be mailed up to four books a month for a $10 fee. The fee will cover the cost of shipping the books both ways plus the mailers. “We aren’t doing this program to make money but the fee is truly just to cover costs,” explained Gagnon. Children will be able to pick from a list of interests so that staff members can pick books that will be exciting for the child. “The staff is going to try hard to match the interests of the child with the book title. We really think that kids will be excited to get something in the mail,” said Gagnon.

The American Academy of Pediatrics “strongly recommends reading to children every day, starting after they are first born because reading stimulates the development of the brain, language, and a closer emotional relationship with a child.” In addition, research also shows that “children who are read to and who live in homes with lots of reading materials during the early years are more likely to learn to read at the appropriate age.”

For more information about the Books by Mail Club please contact the Rangeley Public Library at 864-5529.

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