Letter to the Editor: Say no to the wind power industry

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On Dec. 4, people from across Maine came together in Kingfield to show solidarity. Citizens who have become educated about the realities of mountaintop industrial wind stood together to say “no.”

Two years ago, this topic was barely in the periphery of mainstream Mainers. We’d been sold the line that wind power was “green,” that it would reduce carbon emissions and help counter global warming. Now, we know that isn’t true.

We believed wind would reduce Maine’s dependence on foreign oil. Now, we realize that despite the wind industry’s claims, that’s not the case. We know that sacrificing our mountaintops and unique quality of place will not save American lives or bring our soldiers home. Once challenged, wind proponents quieted their rhetoric in that regard.

Citizens opposing the plan to install 360 miles of turbines across Maine are made to look like selfish people whose only concern is about their view. But now, the huge cost of this plan is coming to light.

Now the health issues are being exposed as our neighbors suffer from long-term exposure to low frequency noise. Now DEP sound standards are being proven as inadequate for turbines’ unique noise.

Today, we have proof that we’ve been sold a bill of goods based on false representations. We realize wind will never replace base-load power sources, and that it’s only an “add-on” for which our grid was not designed.

If it creates higher electric prices, if it’s dangerous to Mainers’ health, if it harms our tourist-based economy and reduces real estate values, if it’s paid for by taxpayers while only benefiting developers and creating temporary contracting jobs during construction, and if this wind power is needed for southern New England’s use and not ours, then why should Mainers support this misguided plan?

We shouldn’t. We don’t. And we won’t.

Karen Bessey Pease
Lexington Twp. Maine

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