A new bench for a new Mallett School

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At the last assembly held at the existing Mallett School, Rosie Cohen and Gwen Beacham presented a bench as a gift to the new school. Both are members of the Art for Humanity club at the high school.

FARMINGTON – On Wednesday, at the last assembly held at the existing W.G. Mallett school, Rosie Cohen, at right, and Gwen Beacham presented a bench as a gift to the new school. Cohen and Beacham are members of the Art for Humanity club at Mt. Blue High School. This club is the only student-run club at the school, and it focuses on creating art projects for the community as a way of giving back.

The club’s latest project involved first acquiring a wooden bench, which they did through an anonymous donation, as well as paints and supplies. The club members created a design for the bench and painted it over several days. The sunflowers on the bench are an echo of the sunflowers that were a mural on a wall in the courtyard of the old Mallett school. The new bench will live in the courtyard of the new Mallett. Other members include: Katie Rice, Paul Boucher, Dan Gamage, Dalton Kaplan, Allen Bence, Laurel Fraley, Eli Mazza, Emily Reed.

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  1. What a kind thing to do for the new school. It is very attractive and will be appreciated by all. Great job well done. Thank you for your kindness

  2. This new school should be the Gerald Libby School. We had a collective brain cramp on this. Nearly everyone I know in the Farmington area was affected in some way by Mr. Libby’s leadership through the ’60’s, ’70’s, and ’80’s. He was principal for all that time, hired and re-hired by school board after school board, presented honors from organizations of all kinds, provided his skills of husbandry and leadership to generations of Grange members, and influenced the early education and character of most area youth. I don’t know anyone who knew Mallett, but everyone knows Gerry. It will be the Libby School for me in what years I have left here.

  3. Tom—the article is about a very special and generous donation, not the naming of the school. i am sorry you chose to use this particular story to air your concerns rather than expressing your gratitude. Rosie, Gwen, and all memebrs of the Art for Humanity Club: many of us are very impressed with your efforts.Thank you!

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