Artist Barbara Hathaway makes “Hearts of Love” for the month of February

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“Hearts of Love” by artist Barbara Hathaway. Photo provided.

WILTON – For the third year, Wilton artist Barbara Hathaway is making Hearts of Love for the month of February, which is Heart Health Month. The hearts are to let people know that they are appreciated and cared about. Some churches and women’s clubs have helped in the past and are welcome to make hearts again and give them to anyone who needs cheering up.

Give the Hearts Of Love to anyone that you think would cheer them up and give them hope that they are special. It will make a difference to them and for them to know that someone cares. Make the hearts any shape, color, and size. Encourage them to take care of their heart health, too.

The hearts are a reminder that they are important and make a difference in family, church, and communities.

Hathaway encourages everyone to see their health provider and get a yearly check-up. Know heart attack warning signs may include unexpected weakness, chest, arm, shoulders, and neck pain, shortness of breath, nausea, indigestion, sweating, and dizziness. Some warnings may be different for women than for men. Don’t wait if you think you are having a heart attack. Get emergency help.

Think positive and know that people care about you. The message for everyone is that we love you from the heart for being you.

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