Book reviews by the ultimate literary critics… middle-schoolers!

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Welcome to The Third Annual Mrs. Perry’s Class Arc Review Project. This is a project in which I bring ARCS (Advance Review Copies also called Galleys) of middle grade books to Mrs. Perry’s 5th-6th Grade loop class at Cape Cod Hill School in New Sharon.

These are books which are due out in late May and early June. The kids read and review the ARCS. The reviews are based on the model of NECBA’s Galley Review Project. The kids did an absolutely fabulous job this year. Their reviews are informative, clear and to the point, and a total pleasure to read. If you have any comments post them below and I’ll share them with the class!

A few of the Daily Bulldog’s favorite quotes:

  • “…a sad but also thrilling read that will implode you with all the feelings.”
    The Cats of Roxville Station, reviewed by Thomas Wing
  • “Very disruptive and interesting, It never gets boring!”
    Emma Jean Lazarus Fell in Love, reviewed by Lauren Tarshis
  • “This book has puzzles that you can answer.”
    The Potato Chip Puzzles: The Puzzling World of Winston Breen, reviewed by Eric Berlin

Editor’s Note: If you cannot read the reviews (displayed below in an embedded site), or prefer to see them in a new window, then please visit Kenny Brechner’s DDG Booksellers site, available here, to see the content.


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