Comedy team ‘Welcome to Maine’ to visit Rumford

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RUMFORD – The boys from the comedy team ‘Welcome to Maine’ will hit the stage at 49 Franklin’s Mystic Theater in Rumford Saturday, January 14. The Welcome to Maine crew, consisting of Mark, Troy, and Cousin Luke, perform skits and songs along with plenty of Maine themed mayhem.
Maine based comedians Ian Stuart, and James Theberge began writing, filming, and producing the Welcome to Maine series in late 2020. They were joined by Cousin Luke, portrayed by comedian Paul Hunt in late 2021. Aiming to be both funny and informative, Welcome to Maine blends a mix of updated traditional Maine humor with historical facts and a whole bunch of “Yuhts”. Welcome to Maine is inspired by traditional Maine Humorists such as Bert and I, and Tim Sample but are far from the now classic comedians.  Welcome to Maine is brutally honest and unassuming. They are not shy to share some of the bold truths that are common elements of daily Maine living. The trio’s material features well known Maine themes and topics such as Allen’s Coffee Brandy, weed stores, and Marden’s. Mark is the straight man of the team with a standard reply, Yuht, Oh yuht, or Ooooh yuht, as Troy and Cousin Luke set up all the material. The boys produced their first comedy album in October of this year, and includes skits reminiscent of an Adam Sandler album. There are several songs that their live audiences often sing along to, including, We Go Hahd In Maine, Ode to Nana (Tough Old Broad) and Lewiston Lady. They will have the album, along with other Welcome to Maine swag, available for purchase at the show.
Welcome to Maine mentioned this on their social media; “If we make a joke about Sanford, everyone and their motha’ from Sanford sends us angry messages about how we are mean and unfunny, BUT if we make a joke about Rumford, everyone from Rumford shares the joke on their timelines with the caption “true”. Some Maine towns are just better at taking a joke I guess. Oh yuht!” This comment was followed by a challenge by 49 Franklin owner Scot Grassette which read; “Best thing to do is come to Rumford and say it to our face, so we can laugh with you in person.”
The challenge was made and set for the Jan 14 show date.
The show takes place Saturday, January 14 in 49 Franklin’s Mystic Theater. Doors open at 6 p.m. for general seating, social, and full pub menu, with the show starting at 8:00 pm. Advance price tickets are $20 and are currently selling downtown Rumford at All That Jazz and online at Day of show tickets will be $25 if there are any left by that time.
Image provided by Welcome to Maine, Ian Stuart.
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