Curtain Raisers to perform January 29th & 30th

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FARMINGTON – The Mt. Blue Curtain Raisers Improv Comedy Troupe has a sure fire plan to get us out of this economic slump: laughter.

Come see their original brand of comedy in their new show, ‘Brown & Serve’ on Thursday and Friday, January 29th & 30th, at 7:30 p.m. in the Mt. Blue High School Auditorium in Farmington. Admission is a recession-savvy $3.

The Mt. Blue Curtain Raisers perform their original brand of improv comedy in their new show, “Brown and Serve,” on January 29th and 30th in the Mt. Blue High School Auditorium. (Clockwise from center, Stuart Lawson, Morgen Hall, Carolyn Magri, Morgan Spencer, Zoe Hardy, Alex Allen, Nick Beach, Jessica Baxter, Anthea Fletcher, Joseph Slater, and Matt Allen.)

With little more than their own manic energy guiding them, the Curtain Raisers create elaborate scenes and entire storylines from just a few audience suggestions. The results often defy conventional explanations and really need to be experienced to be believed. Audiences this season have been treated to some new games such as “The Six Nickel Opera,” an improvised musical, as well as regular favorites including “Stop That iPod” and the late-to-work classic “Excuses.” Each show this year has introduced a new game, song, or sketch and this upcoming event will be no different.

Help the Curtain Raisers achieve their goal of another performance trip this year. With costs soaring, any little bit can help. Admission for the MBHS shows runs only $3. If that seems crazy, absurdly, and ridiculously cheap, it’s because it is! For more information contact Mt. Blue Curtain Raisers Comedy Troupe Artistic Director, Dan Ryder, at or (207) 778-03561.

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