New Years Reading Resolution Contest

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Wondering if you should make a New Year’s reading resolution in 2015? You should, and not just because of the contest below. Books really are more important in our lives than ever. Why? Well I’ll share with you something my buddy Carol Chittenden wrote upon her retirement from bookselling after 28 years at Eight Cousins, her bookstore in Falmouth, Mass.

“But the world is not always a clean and friendly place. It’s more exciting than that, even as it can be cold, confusing, stressful, even violent. It can wear love away, crush efforts, and betray hopes. It can drown us in data, but deny understanding. And in the end, each of us dies. That is where stories come from, and why there are books. Even in desperate times, good books take us beyond our own lives and cast light upon the bigger picture. They lend vicarious excitement to the dull moments. They reveal sources of courage and humor and unexpected love. They offer us art, language, and the wisdom of the world.”

All right then! Put down your New Year’s reading resolution below. Our favorite one will receive some unspecified material aid in its completion! Let’s hear them!

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