Poet’s Corner: Every Cowboy Knows

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Every Cowboy Knows

The scent of balsam, wind, and horses
Blows across the starry night.
Pounding hooves and rowdy curses
Echo past the firelight.

Scarred old chaps and spurs that jingle
Rest against the wagon wheel.
Coffee bubbles, voices mingle
Swapping tales of whiskey deals.

Then out across the lonesome prairie
A coyote howls into the wind.
A moment’s pause—less than a heartbeat,
While they salute the gypsy’s friend.

‘Cause Lady Luck has dealt the hand
to every man around this fire,
and there’s no life for them but this.
Eating dust and stringing wire—
Living out their heart’s desire.

Copyright Deelight Zitzelberger. All Rights Reserved.

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