Poet’s Corner: High School Days

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When I look back to our high school days

How did we live, survive the maze.

School, studying hard, homework done

Our games, parties and weekend fun.

Clear fall days with leaves falling round

Alone with you we’d walk the town.

Friday night games, running the field

Dances in the gym, kisses we’d steal.

Teasing, clowning in the halls, jokes we’d crack

Sandpit after dark, a ’58 Chevy with us in the back.

Kissing on your back porch, hiding from your mom

Studying at the library, dancing at the prom.

North winds strong, they brought tears to our eyes

Northern Lights at night would dance in the sky.

Watching you girls eating at Freddie’s,

Hanging with the guys, we sure were ready.

Combed our hair on the way to school

Had to be neat, for we were cool.

Now the movies show the good ole days,

I wonder, were they really that way?

When we were freshmen, it seemed so long

Senior year, we wondered where it had gone.

Graduation, we’ve gone our separate ways

Do you ever look back at our high school days?

– By Charles Day

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