Poet’s Corner: Mother Nature in Motion

1 min read

Mother Nature in Motion
by Greg Zemlansky

The sun’s waking pulse gets going
Mother Nature in motion.
Golden ball of shiny yellow over
the horizon explosion.
Streams of wild ducks quacking
loudly in a river.
Nearby hanging onto a bird feeder
is a morning intruder.
Mother Nature in motion possess a
paintbrush just before night appears.
The brightest star tries to outperform
the moon before it disappears.
A thunderstorm from nowheres
and without warning suddenly
Growling loudly and full of flashing
The immediate rushing breeze comes in
and guarantees to cool the sticky air.
Mother Nature in motion popping her
cap guns so beware.
Dark of night jet clouds hurriedly
Once the heaven clears up the moon
brightly returns.

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