The Mrs. Turcotte Read Aloud Challenge

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Betsy Turcotte
Betsy Turcotte

As you may have heard Mallett School’s amazing and wonderful librarian, Betsy Turcotte, is retiring at the end of this school year. Working closely with Betsy all these years has been one of the best things about my job so I’ve been firmly in denial about her retirement for some time. At this point, however, it seems obvious that for the 4,327th time in a row denial hasn’t prevented something I hoped wouldn’t happen from happening.

With acceptance comes the need for The Mrs. Turcotte Read Aloud Challenge. Over the next five weeks everyone in the community is invited to help create a small book for Betsy. Each page will be made up of a four line stanza submitted by contestants here. One stanza will be picked as the winning entry of the week. Children from Mallet School will illustrate each page after the winning stanza of the week is selected.

Below you will find the opening page’s stanza. Just provide your entry for page two below. Each week the book will grow by a page, and we’ll post the ongoing book on Tuesday. Have fun!

I ran down the hallway racing to find

What new worlds might be waiting

What new friends I might meet

When our class had gathered at Mrs. Turcotte’s feet

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