Watermelon Music Series: Untraditional hymn sing Aug. 21

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RANGELEY – The final concert of the Watermelon Music Series hits the ground running on Sunday, Aug. 21, from 6-8 p.m. at the Church of the Good Shepherd, bringing the singing of hymns to another level of interpretation. Hymns with Instruments is the topic of this year’s songfest and will showcase voice, banjo, fiddle, guitar and piano.

David Bowman will share his banjo with us by playing solo as well as with the “pick up band.” Bowman’s first experience with a banjo was on his father’s old tenor banjo (4 strings). It was purchased in the 1920s and provided a vehicle for his Dad to work his way through college. From this old banjo, David developed a liking of old time country and roots music. He experimented with a tenor guitar, flat-top acoustic guitar and finally to the five string banjo. With this instrument he continues to play bluegrass music in claw hammer style. When he is not in Rangeley, he plays in a bluegrass band in Cleveland, Ohio.

Following the concert, join us downstairs for conversation and Watermelon! Admission by donation.

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