Words on Words: An interview with 2012

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 We’re going to start out the new year with an exclusive Daily Bulldog interview with none other than The Year 2012 herself!

Kenny: Happy New Year and congratulations on your appointment!

The Year 2012: Happy New Year to you Kenny.

Kenny: I guess I won’t step around the obvious, I mean about the whole world ending on your watch thing.

The Year 2012: Actually 2012 was a sought after post among us Years since it meant a guaranteed entry into to the End of the World Club, an exclusive Club for Retired Years who served during the time of an end of the Year prediction. We’re actually a pretty big group though, Ha Ha.

Kenny: You don’t sound all that worried.

The Year 2012: Of course not, like the fraudulent Mother Shipton prophecy of 1881, the Mayans themselves didn’t really predict it.

Kenny: Phew, Well all right then. 2012 is a presidential election year here in the US, and there are a number of social and economic trends which appear to be coming to a head. Can you share anything with us.

The Year 2012: We have a non disclosure abut political events, of course. In terms of the other matters of moment you mentioned, first subtracting out permanent false regression factors…

Kenny: Permanent false regression factors, you’re losing me there.

The Year 2012: Oh, PFRF are perceptions of decline which people always perceive to be occurring. Teens are running wild, the last generation was more moral , technological innovations will cause cultural elements to go to pot and all that.

Kenny: I see.

The Year 2012: Yes, so Incoming Years such as myself subtract those elements out.  I mean it can’t have been a perpetual greased slide for the last 3,000 years.

Kenny: No indeed

The Year 2012: And then we evaluate what’s left, looking for patterns that have been meaningful in the past.

Kenny: Interesting.

The Year 2012: Just so, and what I will tell you is that the widely perceived sensibility divide regarding physical and virtual community will continue to deepen in 2012 until an aggressive advertising campaign strategy in the fall creates a flashpoint. This flashpoint which will have a polarizing impact and cause a federal economic legislative initiative that will result in some deep soul searching on the part of the nation.

Kenny: Wow! I’ve often thought that laws was were not words on paper so much as the captured echo of the living will of people who care.

The Year 2012: Agreed, passivity is a choice too, and real community requires effort, “toil and sweat and… straining of thought, will, heart, and sinew,” as a great man once said.

Kenny: Turning to books, can you share with us your thoughts on the best books of 2011 and any tidbits on the year ahead.

The Year 2012: Sure! My two favorite books both dealt with time in interesting ways. For non-fiction Erick Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts makes readers reflect on what it means to live in the present without the benefit of hindsight. It brings the present moment clearly into focus which is a wonderful thing for the past to do. I love that.

Kenny: Totally Agree! What about your fiction pick

The Year 2012: Well, The Night Circus was a clear favorite, not just for me, but for many Years, partly because of its depth, and style, but also because it wove time into its complex narrative structure in such a meaningful way.

Kenny: Great choice. What about kids books?

The Year 2012: For picture books, A House In the Woods was my favorite.  I think its message of community and just having fun together by working and living together, really moved me, and it was so much fun. You can’t beat Press Here for board books. That’s just genius. For Middle Grade I’d have to say that Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls spoke most deeply to me. It has an ancient voice. What a moving book! And for Young Adult I liked Ready Player One, another book which made a deft usage of time, mingling the 1980’s and the year 2043. Now as for my Year I’m very excited about a book released today, Cinder, a marvelous re-imagining of the Cinderella story set in the distant future. Watch for it!

Kenny: Thanks Year 2012! I appreciate your spending some time with us and sharing your thoughts.

The Year 2012: It was my pleasure Kenny, have a wonderful year.

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