Words on Words: An interview with Amy Graham

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Today we’ll be interviewing local author Amy Graham. Amy has written many educational non-fiction titles. Her books include The Seven Wonders of the Natural World and Calvin Coolidge: America’s Hottest President. Okay that isn’t really the subtitle but you get the idea. 

KB: If the Empire State Building were being built out of all the books you’ve ever read how many stories would it be?

AMY: I do read a lot, probably 3 books a week. I prefer thick books so that would add some height. How well built is it?

KB: Flimsy.

AMY: Could this be a model?

KB: Sure.

AMY: Okay then I’d say that it’s at least 29 stories.

KB: I knew it. Now which book have you reread the most times?

AMY: The book I’ver read the most times probably isn’t my favorite book. Tale of Two Cities is a book I’ve picked up alot. When it gets to be November I always feel like reading Tale of Two Cities.

KB: What book, if you discovered that someone didn’t like it, would make you consider them a heartless fiend?

AMY: The Penderwick books. How could you not like those, they’re really sweet. Also The Count of Monte Cristo. It would show a real lack of imagination not to appreciate that.

KB: I’m with you there! Thanks!

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