Words on Words: Cascade Brook School’s new librarian

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As many of you may know Trish Flint, Cascade Brook School’s wonderful long time librarian retired in June. There’s great news for area children and parents though, because that tradition of excellence is sure to continue in the hands of Cascade Brook’s new librarian, the redoubtable Barb Marshall, who dropped by the store to do a Weekly Top 2 interview.

Kenny: Congratulations on your new appointment Barbara!

Barb: Thank you!

Kenny: I know you to be a very careful, incisive, and critical reader. Do you have any advise for parents on how to help those wonderful qualities take root in their young readers?

Barb: Read books together whenever you can. When going on long distance trips get books to listen to on tape so you can have group discussions.

Kenny: Good thoughts. Discussion really is as important as the reading itself. Ok. The library is on fire. You only have time to grab a few books! And they are?

Barb: The closest ones to the door we can always buy new books.

Kenny: Let’s pretend you’re locked in the library over the weekend. What’s the first thing off the shelf. Anything you’ve been eyeing?

Barb: I’d grab a mystery that I hadn’t read before.

Kenny: You mean like The Case of the Burning and Mysteriously Locking Library?

Barb: Yes, a book like that.

Kenny: If you could invite one beloved dead author to haunt the Cascade Brook Library who would it be?

Barb: Roald Dahl.

Kenny: He would make a good ghost! I would suggest putting in a request right away before some other library claims him.

Barb: I lodged a request last week. We’re waiting to hear.

Kenny: Talk about the library being in capable hands. Thanks Barbara!

Barb: Sure!


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