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DDG is thrilled to announce the release of the world’s first and only fully bi-directional book and game platform, the DDG Noveler™. Though other digital reading devices on the market offer ebooks and video games on the same platform, they all lack what readers really hunger for, and that’s true integration of these related information mediums. Enter the Noveler!

Okay you’ve been reading Moby Dick. You’re on page 412. The Pequod is cutting through the sea in quest of the whale. Ahab is pacing the the deck impatiently. You are pacing the floor impatiently. You’re tired of reading Moby Dick. You want to play Moby Dick. And with a touch of The Noveler’s VG button you are!!

How does it work? When digital books are loaded into the Noveler meta tags are added noting main character definitions, genre, plot details, and resolution possibilities. The Noveler then determines which Video Game style to import the book into, Shooter Game, Role Playing Game, SIM, Racing Game, and so on. The Noveler then interpolates the book into the video game platform and launches. First a simple field comes up.

[Would you like to play as Ahab or The Whale?]

You choose Ahab and you’re off. The whale has been spotted. You choose your crew members. You’re off in the cutter, Harpoon in hand. You throw and miss. The whale turns and rams the cutter. You die. You restart the game from the last save point. You’re off in the cutter, Harpoon in hand. You throw and hit. You hit again. The whale takes you on a wild ride. It head for the Pequod. You hit the whale again and it veers away. You’ve saved the boat and slaughtered the Whale! Best of all, since The Noveler is fully bi-directional, each save game point saves your changes in the book as well. When you’re done playing you can go back and read the book version that you’ve created yourself!!

To the right, you can see a picture of one of our developers, Amy, playing Wuthering Heights.

KB: How was it Amy?

Amy: Awesome! I was playing as Heathcliff and the part where I was chasing Catherine through the corridors of the separate heaven were really tough, but I locked in on her and won that level!

KB: Wow that level is tough. Let me read you doing it.

Amy: Sure. Hey how did things turn out with Mansfield Park.

KB: Well I played as Fanny and she ended up embracing theater, starring in the play, and having an affair with Henry. Oh and how did things go with changing the gender of the lead in the Dumas?

Amy: It went really well, the book end of The Countess of Monte Cristo was seamless and the Game played really well!

KB: That’s terrific.

Tired of reading books when you could be playing them? The Noveler is the answer. Parents, what better way to improve your children’s reading experiences? Take Where The Red Fern Grows for example. When your child plays the book he can help the dogs find enough ‘healing biscuits’ to help them survive their battle with the mountain lion! And students, are you worried that your teachers will reject your version of Dumas’ masterpiece when you use it for class assignments? No worries. The Noveler comes with a certified note to educators.

Dear Educator, the version of The Six Musketeers that your student has used for this course work has been modified from the original by the student’s own skill and effort performed in the playing of the book, and is certified by The Noveler as having been kept in period, and within acceptable plot parameters. Enjoy your student’s hard won version of The Six Musketeers, and remember, with your Educator’s discount you are able to purchase The Noveler yourself at 40% off our regular price!

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  1. Hey Kenny,
    Great stuff – but what’s out there to get us through non-fiction? (And does it come with dual joysticks?)

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