Words on Words: Overlooked by Spring

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Dweller in the House of the Lord

As spring arrives to awaken our trees, fields and woodlands, it is leaving the new works of many authors sadly untouched. Think of a debut novelist whose life goal of publication took the form of an April 2020 new release. Their debut book, the subject of so much loving work and anticipation, now finds itself largely shorn of the attention  and outreach which are the life blood of books released by first time authors. Think also of established authors who have labored to produce a new work and who now find that their author events are canceled and the publicity for the book languishes behind the sun defeating wall of pandemic concerns.

Here in Franklin county, I thought we should try and rectify that a bit by casting a light on some noteworthy local releases, each of which would have featured an author event at the bookstore which we have had to postpone. Here then are three new books by local authors who have seen their entrance into the world lacking the fanfare that would have been their due in a less preoccupied world.

First up is a new book length narrative poem, Dweller in the House of the Lord,  by long time friend of the bookstore, UMF stalwart, and Maine Poet Laureate, Wes Mcnair. Don’t miss it!

Next up is a thoughtful, comforting book, long in the making by Bill Blaine Wallace, entitled When Tears Sing: the Art of Lament in Christian Community. We had to cancel our event with Bill but hope you will take an excursion into the pages of this rewarding book!

When Tears Sing: the Art of Lament in Christian Community

Finally, long time local Elementary teacher Sarah Carlson has come out with her second volume of poems and photographs, In The Currents of Quiet. We had to cancel our book launch with Sarah but let’s not let the currents be too quiet for Sarah’s new book!

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