County budget reports available on state website

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FRANKLIN COUNTY – Each year, Pam Prodan, the Franklin County Treasurer, submits a PDF of Franklin County’s annual budget report to the Maine State Auditor, where it is posted on the State Auditor’s website. Anyone who goes online can access the Franklin County budgets for the current year and the 2 other most recent years. The following link goes to those budgets. Other Maine counties’ budgets are also posted on the State Auditor’s website, each county having a page for its budgets.

Also posted on the Maine State Auditor’s website are multiple years of Franklin County’s audited financial statements. There is a separate tab for these annual audit reports. Other counties’ annual audit reports are also posted on the State Auditor’s website, which is handy for those wanting to compare. The link below goes to the page where all the county audit reports are found.

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