Dr. Jan Roberts of HealthQuest Chiropractic teaches in Tokyo, Japan

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Jan Roberts
Jan Roberts is at left, seated in front.

FARMINGTON – Dr. Jan Roberts, owner of HealthQuest Chiropractic in Farmington, just returned from Tokyo, Japan where he taught an Advanced Seminar in Activator Methods. He traveled with Dr. Arlan Fuhr, the founder of Activator Methods. Dr. Roberts has taught Activator seminars around the world for over twenty years and has served on the Activator Methods Clinical Advisory Board since 1999. He is an author of three per reviewed scientific case reports and served as the Chiropractor for the US Pro ski tour treating the top professional skiers in the world.

Activator Methods is a chiropractic technique founded in 1967 that involves analyzing and gently correcting subluxations with a handheld instrument called the Activator. Activator Methods is considered the “world’s number-one instrument adjusting technique in the chiropractic profession.” According to activator.com, Dr. Roberts and Dr. Steinhouser of HealthQuest Chiropractic are the only two Activator instructors in the state of Maine.

“It was an honor and a pleasure to present the Activator Methods Advanced material in Tokyo. It was an excellent seminar. The Japanese are such great students,” said Dr. Roberts.

The Advanced Seminar was the first time the new electronic Activator V instrument was introduced in Asia. The Activator V is the result of eight years of research and development. The smooth, crisp, and specific force is even more comfortable and effective for the patient than the previous model. The four force settings can be adjusted to specifically suit the size and age of the patient.

Having used the four previous Activator models since 1980, Dr Roberts stated, “this is a revolutionary improvement to the older spring loaded models. It is exciting and fulfilling to see patients of all ages and activity levels benefit from the results of this ground-breaking adjusting instrument for chiropractic care.”

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  1. Good work, Jan. I lived in Tokyo for over a year and had major medical treatment there by their superb doctors and nurse staff.

  2. Dr. Roberts and Dr. Steinhouser work wonders . When I feel I’m out of alignment I go get a couple of treatments and I’m good to go again…………………A few years ago I was going on a trip and Dr. Roberts gave me a list of Dr.s that use the activator where I was headed to just in case I needed their services.. Every one at Health Quest are very nice people …….

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