Sen. Snowe meets with Rangeley Chamber members

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Senator Snowe speaks with members of the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce.

RANGELEY – On Thursday, U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe met with members of the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce and local residents to discuss the challenges and priorities facing the region. Snowe, the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee, said Congress must focus on creating a climate ripe for economic growth so that towns like Rangeley can continue to grow and prosper free of government barriers and red tape.

“Indisputably, we require an economic game-changer to reverse the disturbing and lasting trends of high unemployment and weak growth that are plaguing the nation,” Snowe said. “Overhauling our nation’s tax code and removing needless red tape and inefficient bureaucratic barriers to job creation will promote economic growth in communities like Rangeley nationwide, but the longer we dither on these critical issues, the longer our economy will continue to stagnate.”

Judy Morton, executive director of the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce, said, “We were so pleased Senator Snowe chose to visit with us here in Rangeley. It was our pleasure to show her our remarkable region and discuss with her the concerns and challenges, as well as the accomplishments, our Main Street businesses have encountered in today’s economy. We hope Senator Snowe was also impressed by the energy and attitudes shown by our Rangeley’s business community.”

“Senator Snowe’s visit showed us that it is important for Washington to know how small business’s feel, what we need, how we cope. She listened to our concerns and updated us with her view point on many issues. Small businesses working together is what is going to strengthen our economy and help us survive this difficult economic time. Having heard our views will hopefully help her steer some of the significant decisions that need to be made,” said Leeanna Wilbur, branch manager and vice president of Franklin Savings Bank.

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