Random Things for sale: aquarium tank supplies, car accessories, and fondue set

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Aquarium Tank Supplies: Current 1/10 HP aquarium chiller, with power head supply, hoses and clamps. Works great. Ideal for salt water aquarium
Asking $50
Aquarium bubbling air stones: 1 small and 1 large (still in package)
Asking $5 together
Aquarium heater: 100W (able heat up to 32 gallons, 110v-120v), not used
Asking $10
Live Plant fertilizers: Flourish Iron, Flourish Trace (both used)
Asking $2
Aquaclear 70 filter for Freshwater Aquarium: Needs new pump, includes all filter media
Asking $20
BMW SUV car cover
Asking $20
BMW Ski Rack, missing some covers, requires a roof rail
Asking $30
Fodue Set: used. needs the burning fuel (I used the gel), 1-3/4 size, stainless steel
Asking $10