Awards assembly held; middle school students recognized

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Cameron Glidden proudly wears the medals he won during the Winter Games. (Photo provided)

STRONG – Day Mountain Regional Middle School (DMRMS) in Strong recognized its scholars and athletes at a special awards assembly held in the school’s gymnasium on Monday, May 15. Principal Margaret Adams welcomed students, teachers, and other guests before presentations began.

Featured among the athletes were Day Mountain students who had taken part in the Second Annual Winter Games, a three-day event held at Mt. Abram Regional High School back in March.

The main event outdoors featured snowshoe races. In the 50-foot race, Caleb Barker took 1st place, followed by Cameron Glidden, 2nd and Carter Chase, 3rd. Barker also claimed the victory in the 100-foot race. Chase was second and Glidden third.

Honorable mentions went to Lauren Elliot and Logan Gibson.

Because of inclement weather that impacted bussing on the second day, the cross-country skiing events had to be cancelled.

On Day 3, it was game on again as competition took the form of a unified basketball tournament, a sport that combines players of all abilities on the same team in order to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to participate and experience the fun and excitement of the game. During the 2023 Winter Games, the teams were composed of Day Mountain Middle School students, members of the Mt. Abram basketball teams, and Dustin Zamboni’s physical education classes.

Unified basketball players received bronze medals for participating. From grades 5 and 6, participants were Cameron Glidden, Blake Aikens, Tyler Meldrum, Hannah Fischer, Louie Provencial, Aisling Moody, Maycie Lane, and Dominic Cochran.

7th and 8th grade students were Trent Hartford, Kaylie Viles, David Aikens, Caylee Halunen, Darius Pelham, Myles Dalrymple, and Tatianna Keenan.

Amy Arms, middle school student coordinator for the Winter Games, pointed out that the Mt. Abram students earned volunteer service hours for their work to prepare the field for the outdoor events, setting up and taking down courses and equipment.

The grande finale of the event was a pizza party, with the pizzas donated by local businesses, including The White Elephant of Strong; The Local Bull, Phillips; Anni’s Market, Kingfield; and Valley Brook Variety, Avon.

“This was an amazing experience,” Arms declared, “Smiles all around!”

Students also expressed their delight with the activities, exclaiming, “This was the best day ever!”

They were also unanimous in expressing their wonder about “why don’t we do this more often??!!”

The event was spearheaded by Sara Spear and the MTA day treatment staff.

Funding of the Games was through the Carrabassett Valley Enrichment Grant.

Many other awards were presented, as well.

Young musicians, both instrumental and vocal, were recognized. DMRMS was very well represented at the District 4 Instrumental Performance held at Spruce Mountain back in April.

Several 5th and 6th graders received honors for the work they did for National History Day.

From the 5A students, the following were recognized: Damien Hinkley, whose topic was Cavement; Natalie Buck and Brook Wilkins, Sea Life; Eli Pickner, Aristotle; Sven Thompson, First Motorcar.

From 5B, presenters were Trent Barker, Dorothy Kane, and Taylor Edney, Spies of the American Revolution; Elliot Blog, WWI Technology; JD Maynard, First Men on the Moon; and Aisling Moody, Gold Rush.

Representing 6A were Izzy Toothaker, Vivian Davis, Nadya Moore, and Laynie Viles, Sacagawea and the Corp of Discovery; Avery Pratt, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire; Lily Field, Chance LeBlanc, Alivia Berube, and Jasmine Carleton, Lucy Stone; and Jamie Gaudett, MLK and the Civil Rights Movement.

6B presenters were Audrey Day, Lily Gillespie, and Willow Bachelder, Women’s Rights; Noah Dereszynski, Kohen Brann, Elias Allen, and Colby Smith, Deep Sea Discovery; Trinity Wright, Anna Klozotsky, and Cadence Thorndike, Sandra Cantu Case; Jaxson Rice and Laynie Shamp, Exploring Layers of the Earth; and Cody Wilcox, History of Duct Tape.

The final category of awards was for SAWS, the acronym for Staying Power, Acceptance and Inclusion, Wellness and Health, and Student Achievement.

Fifth Graders honored were Brook Wilkins and Hannah Fischer, English Language Arts (ELA); Taylor Edney, Science; Damien Hinkley, Social Studies; Dorothy Kane, Art; Natalie McCarty, Strings; Hannah Fischer, General Music; and Blake Haines, Physical Education (PE).

From the Sixth Grade, honorees were Avery Pratt, ELA and Social Studies; Willow Bachelder, Math; Laynie Viles Science; Lily Gillespie, Art; Elias Allen, Strings; Liam Capewell, General Music; and Tyler Meldrum, PE.

Seventh Grade: Tanner Hinkley, ELA; David Aikens and Alec Godin, Math; Monica Buck, Science; Cayden Day, Social Studies; Quinton Ford, Art; Scarlett Marchant, Chorus; Ekaterina Chudy, Strings; Colton Thorndike, PE.

Eighth Grade: Paige Proulx, ELA; Brendan Tripp and Halo Dustin, Math; Cole Bailey, Science; Brennan Mitchell and Corbin Tilley; Elizabeth Schiche, Art and Strings; Eddie Sweetser, Chorus; Josh Finne and Isaiah Dereszynski, PE.

Written by Paula Kane.

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