Bulldog Bulletin: May 29 – June 4

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FRANKLIN COUNTY – Municipal meetings and local events for the week of Monday, May 29 through Sunday, June 4.

Memorial Day is on Monday, May 29. Memorial Day is a federal holiday that recognizes soldiers who died while serving in the armed forces. Please be advised that most municipal offices, banks, and post offices will be closed. \

Monday, May 29:
Memorial Day
American Legion Post 61 Memorial Day Service, Depot Street in Kingfield, 9 a.m.
American Legion Post 28 Memorial Day Service, Farmington, 9:30 a.m.
Jay VFW Memorial Day Events, 7 a.m.
Tuesday, May 30:


Wednesday, May 31:


Thursday, June 1:
Farmington Chess Club, Farmington Community Center, 9:30 a.m.


Friday, June 2:


Saturday, June 3:
Kingfield Annual Town Meeting, Kingfield Elementary School, 9 a.m.
New Vineyard Annual Town Meeting, Smith Hall, 9 a.m.
Emily’s Planting and Blooming Day, Farmington Public Library, 11 a.m.
Darby Sabin and Friends, Farmington Farmhouse, 6 p.m.


Sunday, June 4:
Al-Anon, FMH, 7 p.m.


Editor’s Note: this listing is for general public interest and may not include every event or meeting that is scheduled for the upcoming week. To request an event addition to the list, please email Editor Annie Twitchell at thedailybulldog@gmail.com and include Bulldog Bulletin in the subject line.

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