Carrabassett Valley considers paving portion of Outdoor Center Road

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CARRABASSETT VALLEY – In addition to the school budget warrant articles, residents will vote on a proposed paving project for the Outdoor Center Road at a special town meeting on Tuesday, June 13.

The select board approved the warrant for the special town meeting Monday, May 22. The warrant articles include the budget for the Carrabassett Valley School Department for the upcoming fiscal year, and one additional town warrant asking if the voters will authorize an expense of up to $30,000 towards paving the first 300 feet of the Outdoor Center Road.

This project has been talked about for some time, Town Manager Dave Cota said. The road is dirt all the way from the intersection with Route 27, and the entrance always ends up full of potholes with spring rains and snowmelt. Paving the first 300 feet would help eliminate those potholes and allow a safe exit off the highway.

The cost is higher than may be expected due to the need to build up a roadbed instead of just adding a top coat of pavement. The figure is based on an estimate from Fine Line Paving, a company that works with Sugarloaf. Cota said the board could request bids from multiple companies, but he wanted to get a figure for the warrant for the upcoming town meeting.

The total proposed school budget is $1,853,428. A portion will be pulled from the school’s surplus account, so the town’s assessment is $1,503,232.

Carrabassett Valley registered voters will have the opportunity to weigh-in on both the school budget and the proposed road paving project on Tuesday, June 13.

In other business, select board member Karen Campbell shared that the Stratton-Eustis Food Pantry serves several families in Carrabassett Valley, and suggested that the board consider a funding request for the food pantry.

The board also authorized a letter of support for the Greater Franklin Development Council, which is not funded under the regular county budget; the budget includes a ‘placeholder’ of $1. The council is requesting county TIF dollars and requested letters of support for that request.

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