County Commissioners approve new hires, COVID-19 Paid Leave Policy

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FARMINGTON – Franklin County Commissioners met Wednesday afternoon to discuss the safe use of the Superior Courtroom, new hires at the Franklin County Detention Center and a Paid Leave Policy draft.

District Attorney Andrew Robinson spoke to the commissioners regarding upcoming grand jury appointments currently scheduled for March 2 and 3. Robinson said he estimates needing to bring in roughly 17 to 20 people, and is willing to follow whatever guidelines the commissioners decide on to do that in a COVID-19 safe way. He suggested using one entrance and exit for all those in attendance, and requiring health screenings at the door.

County Clerk Julie Magoon said that currently the courtroom can fit 32 people with appropriate social distancing in place.

Commissioners gave approval for use of the courtroom, assuming that state guidelines allow the gathering.

Two new hires for the Franklin County Detention Center were approved unanimously; Joshua Meservey and Wyatt Haynes were both hired as full time correction officers.

A COVID-19 Paid Leave Policy draft was unanimously approved by commissioners. The draft comes after the expiration of a state-mandated policy for all Covid-related sick time. That policy expired at the end of December, just before an outbreak at the jail.

“We hadn’t even had time to discuss a policy yet,” Magoon said.

The new policy will offer five days of paid leave if a county employee tests positive for COVID-19, or comes into close contact with someone who has tested positive. The policy does not apply to anyone who utilized the previous policy.

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