County Republicans’ campaign office opens

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FARMINGTON -The Franklin County Republicans opened up their campaign office for business today, planning to watch the first, highly-anticipated debate between presidential candidates Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama.

“I’m psyched,”Franklin County Republican  Committee Chairman  William Crandall of Farmington said, as a new batch of signs arrived for distribution, “We can’t hold on to these signs, they come and they go.”

Franklin County Republicans celebrate the opening of their local headquarters. Candidates in the picture include Professor John Frary of Farmington (seated), who is running for the 2nd Congressional District, UMF student Angela Courchesney of Jay (left of Frary) who is running for the District 87 representative’s seat. Independent incumbent Rep. Thomas Saviello of Wilton (right of Frary) is also running for reelection.

Republicans Professor John Frary, running for the 2nd Congressional District, and UMF Student Angela Courchesney, running for the local District 87 seat were both there. State Rep. Thomas Saviello (U – Wilton), who heads ‘Citizens for McCain’ group, was also present. Senator Susan Collins sent a member of her staff. Collins is expected to visit the Farmington area next week.

Other local candidates that Crandall and the Franklin County Republicans look to support include UMF student Keith Mahoney, running for the District 89 representative’s seat, Buckfield Town Manager Glen Holmes, running to become District 14’s state senator, attorney and National Guardsman Jarrod Crockett, running for District 91’s representative seat, and Robert Cameron, who is running for District 92’s representative seat. State Senator Walter Gooley (R – Farmington) is also running for reelection.

Those at the new office got a surprise earlier today, when two volunteers from Alaska dropped in. Jerry and Diana Christensen of Palmer, Alaska, stopped by to help set up signs and chat with local party members.

Jerry and Diana Christensen of Palmer, Alaska.

Those present said that the Christensens were visiting the area to view New England’s beautiful fall foliage and wanted to spread the word on the deep satisfaction felt by Alaskans’ with Sarah Palin and her leadership of Alaska. They live 10 miles from Wasilla, Sarah’s hometown.

The Franklin County Republicans are looking for volunteers for a variety of activities leading up to the Nov. 4 elections. The business hours of the campaign office, located at 465 Farmington Falls Road in the town of Farmington, are 3 to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. The office can be reached at 778 – 4499.

“I do think that we are witnessing history in the making, however it turns out,” Crandall said, citing high levels of interest in both the national and local campaigns. “A sort of electricity is running though everyone. It’s certainly not a year to take this lightly.”

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