DDG Booksellers celebrates 25 years in Farmington

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First off thanks to local cake artisan supreme Karlee Markovich for making this fabulous cake!

FARMINGTON – If there is anything that calls upon even the most feckless of us to pause and reflect it is the 25th Anniversary party for one’s bookstore. At least that’s what I found.  We pour effort into our lives into particular vessels, and some hold the effort more than others.

A community oriented bookstore is a particularly retentive vessel. It is in the knitting I think. There are so many strands, friendships with customers, community partnerships, school partners, staff friendships, a cornucopia of joint efforts and gestalt rewards offer so many layers of interwoven meaning to strengthen the innate character of our enterprise which is, after all, sharing books, sharing vessels of meaning.

In 25 years you’ve had plenty of time to talk Russian literature with someone you once picked out board books for. You’ve helped pick out a get well card for a customer and then discovered that the card is for someone who has become very dear to you over the years so that you pick one out for her yourself and send it along.  It is little wonder that the bookstore captures the effort poured into it so well and so dynamically.

Enough of the deep stuff, here are some photos! Thanks to everyone who attended and all the folks who couldn’t make it. Your business means the world to me.

The party stared off with literary puzzle solving and snacks. I brought folks up to speed and gave them answer sheets.when they came in. .
Here are people making their way over to try their hand at “matching the book to the object” and identifying “mystery book” titles from their diabolical clues.
Mystery solvers ponder deeply. Can you guess what book those black shorts went with?
Then it was time to share the answers with everyone!
Some people meant business. Ernie with a vintage World Book Night DDG t-shirt.
Store and community favorite author Bill Roorbach was on hand to mark the 25th anniversary edition of his first book, “Summers With Juliet.” He read passages from whatever page audience members called out. Bold!
And then it was time for the cake. First in line, the cake maker’s son Kevin. Insider trading?!!!


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  1. What a wonderful bookstore to have in Farmington!
    Thank you and congratulations to you!

  2. We are so fortunate to have Kenny and our DDG bookstore in this community. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats DDG! And thank you for your continued support of the RSU9 libraries.

  4. Kenny,
    Congratulations on surviving and thriving during 25 years of swimming upstream against the piranhas and other predators that lurk in the Amazon trying to devour local businesses.
    Keep up the great work.
    Bob Neal
    New Sharon

  5. Thank you Kenny Brechner

    Your scholarly wit and wisdom is embedded in every book I buy from you…

    In admiration for your work with the children in this community
    Jo Josephson

  6. Thank you, Kenny for being such a powerful positive force for reading and education in our community. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and wide variety of quality books and gifts make it a pleasure to patronise your store. Each visit I find knowledge and entertainment! Kenny’s “Picks” of books are always great surprises.

    Also, thank you for encouraging the thousands of children over the past 25 years to appreciate reading and learning. You are an original.

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