Eastern High School Nordic Championships held at Titcomb Mt

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Skier Otis Loga of Vermont, at right with Titcomb’s Tony Ramsey at this year’s Eastern High School Championships.
Members from the state of Maine team, Mt. Blue athletes, Nora McCourt and Bridget Reusch.

WEST FARMINGTON – The Farmington Ski Club and Titcomb Mountain put on an exciting event for this year’s Eastern High School Championships. Last week, skiers from across New England, along with guest teams from the Great Lakes and midwest regions, gathered for two days and three thrilling races.

An early spring arrival and melt down meant the crew at Titcomb had to make every effort to ensure the best conditions possible for the event with shovel crews tirelessly working to patch the courses. The mountain’s manager harvested snow from the alpine slope to bridge the gap between the cross-country stadium and lower alpine slopes to make very exciting sprint and relay courses. Titcomb Mountain very graciously closed their alpine activities to allow the best possible experience for our high school cross country athletes.

The first day of racing saw teams break out warm klister wax to combat the rainfall bestowed upon us. The girls kicked off racing with a two lap 7.5km interval start classic race, followed by the boys on the same course. This year’s event saw the inclusion of adaptive racer, Otis Loga of Vermont, who did a three-lap rolling course that paralleled the able-bodied course for the first race. NENSA and Titcomb were thrilled and honored to have Otis compete in this championship event.

Day two started with a cross country sprint with interesting terrain features. The afternoon saw racing action with the freestyle relay. Teams of four–two girls and two boys–from each state/region made their way around a 3.5km course with the first half in the woods and the second half on a watered-down version of the XCX course.

While we are highlighting the finish results, we want to take a moment to acknowledge every athlete who stepped onto the start line this weekend and tried their hardest out there on the racecourse.

The Titcomb Nordic Committee, (Buzz Davis, Tony Ramsey, Anne Charles, Ken Charles, Josh Robbins, Murray Campbell, Angela Norton, Tim Norton, Ron Aseltine and Deb Aseltine), would like to extend special thanks to Franklin Savings Bank as our lead local sponsor for this event, as well as the following local sponsors: Western Mountain Financial Services, Living Acres, Aseltine Law, Collins Enterprises, Riverbend, Wilson Lake Inn, Comfort Inn, Northern Lights, Saddleback, Hannaford and Bixby Chocolates.

Titcomb’s Ski Patrol stepped up greatly and made a huge contribution of being present and supporting the athletes. A special shout out to Jake Bogar’s Mt. Blue engineering class and two students, Brynne Robbins, and Lauren Howatt for designing and creating awards for the athletes. In addition, a special thank you to the Farmington Police Department and the town of Farmington for supporting our efforts. Most importantly, over 50 Titcomb volunteers gave of their time to make this happen. The event truly was a community effort.

Race results:

Girls 7.5km Classic
1. Hattie Barker, VT
2. Evelyn Walton, MA
3. Emma Charles, ME
4. Isabella Synnestvedt, MA
5. Catherine Stow, NH
6. Elsa Bolinger, NH
7. Francesca Kitch, MA
8. Isabelle Serrano, VT
9. Virginia Cobb, VT
10. Clara Lake, MA

Boys Adaptive 2.5km
1. Otis Loga, VT

Boys 7.5km Classic
1. Ellis Slover, ME
2. Joey Rouhana, ME
3. Nate Livingood, ME
4. Samuel Murray, NH
5. Nico Hochanadel, VT
6. Evan O’Conner, GL-MW
7. Luke Rizio, VT
8. William Riley, NH
9. Nathan Doughty, MA
10. Tzevi Schwartz, VT

Girls 1.2km XCX
1. Evelyn Walton, MA
2. Hattie Barker, VT
3. Emma Charles, ME
4. Catherine Stow, NH
5. Clara Lake, MA
6. Francesca Kitch, MA
7. Mirra Payson, MA
8. Elsa Bolinger, NH
9. Elsa Granholm, NH
10. Julia Thurston

Boys Adaptive 1.2km
1. Otis Loga, VT

Boys 1.2km XCX
1. Nate Livingood ME
2. Quinn McDermott, MA
2. Ellis Slover, ME
4. Derek Waddick, GL-MW
5. Mitchell Townsend, NH
6. Luke Rizio, VT
7. Anders Linseisen, VT
8. Sam Folland, GL-MW
9. Lucas Daly, MA
10. Leo Circosta, VT
10. Joey Rouhana, ME

Girls Overall
1. Evelyn Walton, MA
1. Hattie Barker, VT
3. Emma Charles, ME

Boys Overall
1. Ellis Slover, ME
2. Nate Livingood, ME
3. Joey Rouhana, ME

Mixed Freestyle Relay
1. VT 1: Maggie McGee, Luke Rizio, Hattie Barker, Tzevi Schwartz
2. MA 1: Isabella Synnestvedt, Nathan Doughty, Evelyn Walton, Quinn McDermott
3. VT 2: Virginia Cobb, Anders Linseisen, Rebecca Cunningham, Nico Hochanadel
4. VT 3: Emma Crum, Leo Circosta, Isabelle Serrano, Austin Beard
5. ME 1: Emma Charles, Nate Livingood, Nyla Scott, Ellis Slover

– Submitted by Deb Aseltine

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