Fall settles in

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Whoever eats the fastest, gets the most. (Photo by Dennis York)
A fall road, paved in leaves. (Photo by Dennis York)
Mergansers on the rocks at Hill’s pond. (Photo by Dennis York)
A black-throated blue warbler in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox )
A female northern cardinal. Looking for some bird seed at your empty bird feeder.  (Photo by Jim Knox )
Fall sure does have some nice colors as in this gray fox in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox )
A hermit thrush looking for some fruit on a burning bush. in Wilton (Photo by Jim Knox )
Another hermit thrush tries to hang on while getting some seeds from a shrub. (Photo by Jim Knox)
The Mighty Mouse!  Titmouse that is, in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox )
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