Farmington area youth cheer group, Wild Catz, concludes debut season

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FARMINGTON – At the conclusion of its first season, Farmington Area Youth Cheer – Wild Catz is excited to share first year accomplishments and information with the community. FAYC Wild Catz is a brand new PreK-8th grade competition cheerleading program. They focus on teaching the fundamentals of competition cheerleading, while creating a safe and fun environment for the athletes and their families.

This year, they had a total of 25 athletes, making up two teams: the Mini Wild Catz, made up of athletes grades PreK-2nd, and the Senior Wild Catz, which was grades 3rd-8th. These teams competed at various youth cheer competitions throughout the state of Maine. The main goal this season was to get these athletes out on the floor in front of the crowd and to gain experience, skill, and confidence. Both teams learned and grew so much throughout the season, which ran from October-March.


The Wild Catz cheer teams. (Photo provided)


The program was created to give children in the local community the opportunity to participate in the sport of competition cheer. Affordability was one of the main goals in mind when creating the Wild Catz. In order to help keep costs down for families, they will be doing some fundraising in the community. The group will be raising money for uniforms as well as new mats.

The Wild Catz coaching staff is made up of knowledgeable and compassionate coaches who are eager to share their passion for the sport with their community. Program Director Danielle Tannenbaum is pleased to be joined by Coaches Morgon-Ashli Macomber, Chelse Macomber, Brittnie Macomber, Michaela Geisman, Sylvia Williamson, and Junior Coach Abbigail Swett.


“Our family loves Farmington Area Youth Cheer Wild Catz. Our daughter cheered for the first time this year, and truly came out of her shell. She found a family of friends and coaches over the season. She was able to get the help she needed working on new skills. She always felt like the coaches were there for her and willing to help her accomplish all her goals. The coaches helped to make a friendly nurturing environment for all the girls to learn and succeed at their own paces.” -Amber M

“Cheering is fun, but cheering with the Wild Catz has been even more fun.The coaches help you and make you feel important.The other teammates have become more like family to me, when we are sad or upset we always cheer eac hother up. I am going to be honest I did not really know how to do a walkover but now I am getting the hang of it. The coaches teach us a lot of things, but an important thing they taught was to treat someone the wat you want to be treated and if you get scared try to think about the positives. The main thing I like about this team is how we all love each other and have become like family.”
-Sophia M.

“I looked into 4 other teams for Comp cheer, not only did all of them have out of state comps but some of them that we visited didn’t have the same goals we were looking for. This is my daughters first time in the competition setting in cheer so a team that has patience, good teamwork, and positive attitudes is what we wanted. We found way more with this team. All of the coaches have been phenomenal and it definitely showed with the progress at each comp. The parents were all supportive and friendly, it truly turned into a small cheer family. The confidence my daughter has gained from this experience is setting her up for a great start for high school. We are so thankful for the hard work Dani put into this team, I hope to see it come back every year and will support it in any way I can.”
-Melissa Howard

To learn more about Farmington Area Youth Cheer – Wild Catz, email them at farmingtonareayouthcheer@gmail.com, and make sure to follow their Facebook page to stay updated on summer programming and registration for next season!

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