FL Butler Oil Company’s Sarah Makinen reflects on years of service

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The family-owned business will continue after Sarah Makinen retires.

FARMINGTON – According to FL Butler Fuel Company bookkeeper Sarah Makinen, the business is the oldest business in town.

“No matter what the others tell ya,” Makinen said.

But after more than forty years of keeping books, posting deliveries and overseeing the daily services of FL Butler, Makinen is preparing to retire. The family operation will stay with the Makinens after her departure, she said, which will be a “soft one” as she continues to help out as needed.

Makinen was brought into the company in 1980 by her late husband, Larry Makinen, who passed away in December and whose father was the original owner. According to Makinen, Larry was doing deliveries there in 1980 when the bookkeeper quit and she saw a position that needed to be filled. Since then, she has filled the needs of the company wherever they appeared.

Though Makinen said the paperwork has piled up over the years, the people she sees on a daily basis have remained one of the pleasures of her job.

“Without them, you’ve got nothing,” Makinen said.

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