Foster CTE hosts 47th Annual Loggers Meet

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FARMINGTON – Last week, the Forestry program at the Foster CTE Center at Mt. Blue High School held the 47th Annual Loggers Meet. This event is an opportunity for forestry students to demonstrate their skills and share in a little friendly competition.

This year’s meet was dedicated to Mark Beaudoin, a former Forestry instructor for nearby Region 9 Tech Center. Beaudoin was killed in a logging accident last fall. During the event, he was remembered as an excellent instructor, a dedicated forester, and a good friend.

While a moment of silence would often be observed at an event like this, to honor Beaudoin, the Forestry students started up their chainsaws in unison and ran the saws for a minute or so.


A moment of chainsaws.


Dean Merrill was recognized for over thirty years of teaching the forestry program at the Foster CTE Center, and Rob Elliott with RHL Enterprises was recognized for long-time support of the program. Both were presented with plaques in recognition of their contributions.

Rod Spiller, an instructor in the Forestry program and organizer of the event, expressed his gratitude for the sponsors of the event. Hosting the Loggers Meet grows more costly each year, and the sponsors’ support is invaluable.

Sponsors include:
Franklin Savings Bank
RLH Enterprises
Skowhegan Savings
Otis FCU
Arkay Pizza

A special thanks to Kevin Frost for providing breakfast and lunch, and the Austin Family for allowing the program to use their property for the event.

Participating in the Loggers Meet is part of the final exam for the Forestry program, Spiller said. Students are judged on their skills in each demonstration with a heavy emphasis on safety in each and every stage of the event. Things like the correct use of personal protective equipment, safe handling practices, and following best practices in the field factor into scores for students.


The Ax Throwing competition.


Winners in the various events, in order from first place to third place:
Axe Throw: Cole Sillanpaa, Tucker Bates, Lallah Tyler
Bore Station: Tucker Bates, Lallah Tyler, Bryce Card
Scaling: Lallah Tyler, Adam Meng, Cole Sillanpaa
Tree ID: First place tie, Tyler Turner and Jade Elyea, Gavin Karkos, Lallah Tyler
Loader: Nate Farmer, Nick Rowe, Cole Sillanpaa
Pulp Throw, Distance, Boys: Tucker Bates, Brad Couture, Cole Sillanpaa
Pulp Throw, Distance, Girls: Lallah Tyler, Jesslyn Sillanpaa, Jade Elyea
Dot Split: Adam Meng, Jesslyn Sillanpaa, Brad Couture
Cookie Cut: Cole Sillanpaa, Lallah Tyler, Nate Farmer
Precision: Nick Rowe, Nate Farmer, Tyler Turner Bucking
Cookie Stack: Levi Bradley, Cole Sillanpaa, Nick Rowe
Chainsaw Event: Trevor Couture, Brad Couture, Cole Sillanpaa
Skid Steer: Cole Sillanpaa, Nick Rowe, Trevor Couture
Safe Logger Competition: Nick Rowe, Trevor Couture, Jesslyn Sillanpaa

Jesslyn Sillanpaa took home the Sportsmanship Award.

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