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A toad hops across the lawn.  (Photo by Dennis York)
A loon at Hill’s Pond. (Photo by Dennis York)
A croaking bullfrog is one of the many sounds of summer. (Photo by Dennis York)
A bittern prowls the lawn’s edge. (Photo by Dennis York)
A turtle on the edge of the Pond Road in Wilton. (Photo by Dennis York)
A moose quickly crosses the road in Weld. I only had time for one quick photo. (Photo by Dennis York)
A visiting northern cardinal in the backyard. (Photo by Laura Ganz)
A field of buttercups beneath a dramatic sky. (Photo by Don Waterhouse)
A lone iris emerged from other wildflowers in a field. (Photo by Don Waterhouse)
A beautiful fox. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
A hawk on the look out. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Momma and one of her three babies. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
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  1. Ok, you all are awesome! They are all winners. The foxes couldn’t have posed better.

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