Students turn out in mock vote

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FARMINGTON – Eighty to ninety percent of Mt. Blue High School students voted today in a mock election. In preparation for today’s event, four departments at the school are involved: Phillip St. Onge’s honors government classes, Roger Bolduc’s math students, Librarian Mary Buckley ran the voter registration program and Cal Dorman’s Jobs for Maine’s Graduates program was put in charge of running the election. 

Over the past few weeks, presidential campaign debates and speeches on the ballot issues have kept the political season alive and cooking at the school. As a result, informed students went to the polls today.

Throughout the lunch hour and half, Dorman’s students ran the polls with an efficiency most hope will take place with the real elections on Nov. 4.

Booths were set up with the instructions inside: “Have your ID ready,” a demonstration of the “Proper ways to check,” your ballot and a “no cellphones” warning. The booths were color-coded according to the students’ class because the election managers are interested in seeing if there are any class trends, such as if there are a greater percentage of seniors voting as opposed to freshmen. 

As students crowded in to vote, Dorman smiled and said, “It’s rewarding to see the students involved in this.” And, it will be interesting to see how they all voted. Stay tuned.

A Mt. Blue High School student votes up against the hallway’s window because the voting booths were all occupied at the moment during today’s mock elections.


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