Hummer acrobatics on display

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A hummingbird at my feeder in Farmington. (Photo by David Pike)
A hummingbird comes in for a landing at the feeder.  (Photo by David Pike)
Ruby-throated hummingbird. (Photo by David Pike)
A hummingbird is being challenged by a yellow jacket in Farmington. (Photo by David Pike)
The Bard. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)
Air B&B . (Photo by Jane Naliboff)
Mr. Bumble’s pollen pocket . (Photo by Jane Naliboff)
Miss Spider’s dewey web. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)
Cone flower. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)
Summer stroll in Vienna. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)
The complicated grasshopper, like transformers. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)
Photo ready. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)
A ruby-throated hummingbird making its move on some beebalm in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)
This hummingbird is intent on not missing a single petal’s worth. (Photo by Jim Knox)
As active as they are sometimes they just have to take a rest! (Photo by Jim Knox)
This ruby-throated hummingbird looks to be a young male with a couple of red spots on its neck area. (Photo by Jim Knox )
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