Jay Planning Board approves NECEC Shoreland Zoning Application

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JAY – The planning board met Tuesday night to review the NECEC Shoreland Zoning application.

The board reviewed the finding of the fact and asked clarifying questions regarding the way NECEC plans to access the project zone and how it intends to protect vegetation.

The project will use wood mats for stream crossings and a temporary access road will be built that should be present for no longer than 16 months.

The project is looking to begin clearing the additional 75 feet for the corridor as soon as possible. NECEC will be using Northern Clearing INC. of Wisconsin for the job. According to NECEC representatives, Northern Clearing often employs local individuals.

The planning board showed some concern with the use of herbicides on the project site, citing nearby organic farms who could be affected by this. NECEC has been in contact with these particular farms and has told the board that it plans to keep an open line of communication between them.

The Town of Jay lacks any ordinances regarding unused infrastructure, meaning there can be no stipulation in the contract regarding the dismantling of unused or decommissioned infrastructure. NECEC told the planning board that it’s an unwritten policy for Avangrid to dismantle and decommission any sites that are not operating as they pose as potential liabilities for the company.

The board approved of the finding of fact and approved the application with some additional stipulations. The NECEC must start construction within a year of the permit being issued and at the beginning of construction NECEC will have one year to complete the project before the permit expires.

The signed application should be available at the town office by the end of the week, where it can be looked at by anyone seeking a potential appeal.

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