Just playing around

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Another great sunrise in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)
Chipping sparrow looking for some worms for the family in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)
A male northern cardinal feeds its female in Wilton. I’m pretty sure she takes her food to her young! (Photo by Jim Knox)
One of two young northern cardinals nearby. (Photo by Jim Knox)
Always a nice color. A male northern cardinal. (Photo by Jim Knox)
A snack on the run. A young red fox kit with its lunch in Farmington. (Photo by Jim Knox)
The bond between fox kits! (Photo by Jim Knox)
A pair of snapping turtles at Hill’s Pond. (Photo by Dennis York)
This male Baltimore oriole kept attacking his reflection in the garage window. (Photo by Dennis York)
A doe on the Pond Road. (Photo by Dennis York)
Lupines are in bloom. (Photo by Dennis York)
Why paddle when you can hitch a ride? (Photo by Dennis York)
Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly. (Photo by Dennis York)
A snapping turtle crossing Route 156 in Wilton. (Photo by Dennis York)
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