Keeping People out of Best Buy: New technology assistance business opens in Strong

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A new tech service company opened in Strong last week.

STRONG – Last week, Caleb Bracy and his longtime friend Greg Siekman, launched a new online business CG Tech Solutions. The business offers website design, general IT support, PC repairs, and software installation and upkeep services. Though there is no storefront right now, the company can be reached through their website or their Facebook page.

“Currently, we’re running it out of our houses,” Bracy said.

Along with hours and general services information, Bracy’s home address can be found on the website and Facebook page. This is for the ease of the customer, who can drop computers off at Bracy’s home for their repairs, to then be picked up at a later date, or they can opt to have Bracy come to them to make the repair at their own houses.

Regarding the rates charged, as with most technology services, the costs vary depending on what the customer needs.

“We try and keep prices pretty low to encourage people to come to us, a smaller business, instead of going to a bigger technology company,” he said.

The range for computer repairs depends on how substantial the project turns out to be. It could be $20 an hour or it could be $20 total, according to Bracy. When the customer calls CG Tech Solutions, Bracy will try and give them an idea of how much money they are looking at spending for the problem they’re reporting, as he will be the one handling the repair side of the business.

“Software isn’t really my thing, but luckily, Caleb feels the same way about hardware. So we complement each other really well,” Bracy said.

The two solidified their positions on either side of the technology assistance business by completing specific education in their areas of interest. Bracy completed the two-year Computer Science and PC-Repair program at Foster Tech, while Siekman attended Southern New Hampshire University for Information Technology.

For Siekman’s side of the business, he will be handling the website design and software assistance. Website design prices also aren’t fixed and depend mostly on what the customer intends to use their website for.

Though both owners are currently working other jobs as well as running CG Tech Solutions, if business continues to be successful, this will change.

“My hope is to get this going enough to depend solely on this, eventually,” Bracy said.

While they’ve only been open for a week, they are advertising avidly and already have a few customers interested in their services.

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