Kingfield Town Meeting Saturday June 5, rain or shine

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KINGFIELD – Voters will weigh in on the proposed annual budget tomorrow, taking into consideration two different recommended figures. The Board of Selectmen are recommending $1.288 million while members of the Budget Committee recommend $3,500 less. The figures represent a potential increase from the current fiscal year budget of $87,983 or $84,483, respectively.

Differing recommendations were seen in three articles- proposed allocations for the Sno-Wanderers Snowmobile Club, the Northwestern Mountains (formerly High Peaks) and the Stanley Museum.

The selectboard recommended $2,000 for the snowmobile club, while the budget committee recommended double that amount; board members are proposing $2,000 for the Northwestern Mountains while committee members recommended $300; and the selectboard recommended $5,000 for the Stanley Museum while budget committee members recommended $1,200.

A two-year seat on the selectboard is open this year, candidates Polly MacMichael and Brad Orbeton are both running for the seat. A three-year position on the MSAD 58 Board of Directors is also open for reelection, there are currently no candidates therefore the position will be a write-in.

Voting will take place at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 5, on the front lawn of Kingfield Elementary School, rain or shine. A full copy of the warrant can be viewed here.

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