Local non-profit releases recipe collection, The Yogi’s Kitchen

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The Yogi’s Kitchen. (Photo from Sat Manav website)

INDUSTRY – Sat Manav Yoga Ashram is releasing a long-awaited recipe collection! Sat Manav, a non-profit located in Industry, is known for the delicious food that comes out of its kitchen. Sat Manav offers a multitude of public programs and retreats centered around Yoga and healthy living, but as it says on their website, “Many a guest has said they would come just for the food!”

After years of requests, they have finally decided to release their recipes in the form of an online recipe subscription called The Yogi’s Kitchen.

“People have been requesting a cookbook since we began having large festivals back in 2011,” said Sunyata Shyam, the head chef at Sat Manav. Now anyone can enjoy the ashram’s renowned food at any time and in their own kitchens! The website will be updated monthly, with a release of six new recipes and instructional videos. All the recipes are printable and can be compiled into a physical cookbook. Sign up on their website for just $3.99 per month.

The recipe subscription was launched in early January, with an initial release of 21 recipes: main dishes, baked goods, and salad dressings. The chefs plan to add juices and smoothies to future releases.

Sat Manav is a local non-profit organization that runs healing retreats, yoga programs and monthly festivals, where they regularly feed large groups of people. Tucked away in the mountains, the ashram is a fully off-grid, traditional Hindu community that centers around the practice of yoga and meditation. Sat Manav has been in the Franklin County area since it was established 1989 by Bhagavan Lescault, who ran a naturopathic healing practice in downtown Farmington that offered acupuncture and massage.

Sat Manav has served fully plant-based cuisine since 2016. Their kitchen serves delicious food loved by all who taste it. Guests have great things to say: Sat Manav’s food was described by Andrea Bortko as “the best tasting vegan food [she has] ever eaten in [her] life!” and Alecia Nixon said that the food will “make you think you have passed into another realm.”

When asked why the recipes are entirely plant-based and mostly fat-free, Kaya Lescault, another Ashram chef, explained that this food is as close to humankind’s natural diet as possible. According to her, eating this way leads to optimal function and health of the body and mind. It is similar to a vehicle; if you put the wrong fuel in your car it will damage the engine. The same is true with human beings.

“As countless studies have proven, transitioning to a plant-based diet is the most powerful way to protect your body from chronic diseases and the planet from environmental disasters,” Lescault said. “We are devoted to bringing you food that is as healthy for you as it is for the planet.”

For more information on the philosophy behind this diet, visit the website. For more information about yoga classes and events, visit their Facebook page.


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