Man accused of threatening a family member with a knife, biting police officer

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Jeremy Clifford (Photo by Franklin County Detention Center)

FARMINGTON – A local man has been charged with threatening a family member with a knife, assaulting a police officer and refusing to submit to arrest, following an incident that occurred Wednesday afternoon.

Jeremy Clifford, 26 of Farmington, has been arrested on charges of domestic violence threatening with a dangerous weapon and assault on an officer, both Class C felonies, as well as refusing to submit to arrest, a misdemeanor. According to an affidavit filed with the Franklin County court system by Farmington Police Officer Jesse Clement, police were dispatched to an apartment at Thompson Walton Court at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday after one of Clifford’s relatives reported that the Farmington man had threatened her with a knife. Specifically, Clifford allegedly pointed the knife at his relative and reportedly told her “come and try to take this from me, you will be dead.”

Clement and Officer Ryan Rosie initially met with another family member outside of the residence, with that man informing the officers that Clifford had threatened family members with knives previously, showing them a photo of the knives on the kitchen table.

The officers got permission from the family member to enter the residence and, upon knocking on the rear bedroom door, met with Clifford. Rosie attempted to question Clifford about what had happened that morning.

“Clifford made some comments about ‘the blood in his head kept arguing with him’ and that ‘my brother kept threatening me so I kept a knife on me,'” Clement wrote in the affidavit. “After a few more questions it was apparent that we were not going to get a statement from Clifford so Officer Rosie advised Clifford that he was under arrest.”

Clifford then ran towards the bedroom, the affidavit indicates, with the officers grabbing his arms to prevent him from leaving the room. Clifford grabbed the handle of Clement’s Taser and got it part way out of its holster before the officers pulled Clifford’s arms away. Rosie pulled Clifford to the ground, while still standing, and was then bit by Clifford on the leg. Clement used his Taser on Clifford and the officers eventually got handcuffs on Clifford.

An ambulance was called by Clement to treat Rosie and Clifford. Several officers from a number of agencies arrived to assist getting Clifford to the ambulance and to collect evidence.  Police discovered a large knife on the nightstand in the bedroom that Clifford had tried to run into, Clement wrote in the affidavit. The relative that made the initial report confirmed that it was the same knife used to threaten her that morning.

Clifford was eventually transported to Franklin County Detention Center. Bail was later set at $1,000 cash, including  conditions of no contact between Clifford and two family members.

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