March is the Month of Expectation: Robin’s Flower Pot preparing for spring

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Owner of Robin’s Flower Pot, Robin Jordan, transplanting herbs in one of her many greenhouses.

FARMINGTON — The snowbanks are melting, and spring is coming, and work at Robin’s Flower Pot has not stopped in preparation for their reopening on April 6 for the spring season. The “fulltime business and Garden Destination” in Farmington will be opening this spring with all of their perennials, fruits, vegetables and herbs that customers have come to know them for. They will also be re-launching Robin’s Awesome Blossoms, a fresh-cut flower program which offers packages for weddings, business deliveries, and other events. What’s been different in this season in comparison with previous years is in the precautions Robin Jordan, co-owner of the farm for 20 years, has taken to prepare for the spring opening.

“We’re preparing for some struggles,” said Jordan. Last spring with the start of the covid pandemic, Jordan’s business was impacted heavily as many people turned to gardening as a way to fill the time spent at home. While many businesses suffered a decline in profits, Robin’s Flower Pot had the opposite experience.

“We sold out of our summer stock by May or mid-June,” said Jordan. “It was crazy.”

Similarly, the fruit tree and seed stocks have also been impacted. According to Jordan, there is a noticeable backlog on seeds, and she has only received half of her fruit tree shipment. The problem with seeds can also be owed to the influx of interest in home gardening, but in Jordan’s opinion the fruit tree market has been affected by several different factors.

“I think part of it stems from last year when everyone wanted to garden, but part of it also has to do with the lack of workers. Once people bought out all the trees, there weren’t people to stock more. And you can’t grow a fruit tree overnight,” said Jordan.

Robin’s Flower Pot will reopen for business on April 6 at 9 a.m.

To combat these obstacles, Jordan has taken steps to ensure that her business will be prepared with ample supplies for both the greenhouse and the store stocks, relying on “backup seeds.” By April, she will increase her staff to 10 members and open her greenhouses and the store for limited capacities.

When asked if she thought that this spring would be as busy as the previous year, Jordan admitted, “The industry says yes, but we’re just trying to prepare for whatever happens.”

For more information on their covid policies and their products, please visit their website here: https://www.robinsflowerpot.com/?fbclid=IwAR2oOf1yGOSqyaAuFcbceK-qejpm4KQfTfa_-09aG44VM4-kqx6Y7rMmuqY

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