Moose in Maine

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A doe in Weld. She is shedding her winter hair and her summer coat is showing through.  (Photo by Dennis York)
A doe playing peek-a-boo. (Photo by Dennis York)
After a sudden shower, this showed up in my driveway. (Photo by Dennis York)
A snapping turtle takes a look around. (Photo by Dennis York)
A snapping turtle lays her eggs in the middle of my back lawn. (Photo by Dennis York)
Sunset after a brief shower. (Photo by Dennis York)
Daisys by the driveway. (Photo by Dennis York)
A cow moose at Webb Lake in Weld. (Photo by Dennis York)
A moose feeding at Webb Lake. (Photo by Dennis York)
A doe with her reddish summer coat. (Photo by Dennis York)
Up to her neck in food and flowers. (Photo by Dennis York)
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  1. Great Pictures! Interesting how the turtle is laying eggs in your backyard. Is that a common occurence for you?

  2. Meg, I live next to a marsh. Every June, several turtles come on the lawn and attempt to lay their eggs. If the lawn is very dry and hard, they try and then move on. If the soil is soft they have better luck. I have never seen any turtles hatch on the lawn.

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