New hires at county jail

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FARMINGTON — After approving the minutes and the treasurer’s report, the county commissioners reviewed two new hires at the county jail. The county jail has been looking to hire cooks and staff in the kitchen. Currently, the jail is working with a catering contract to ensure inmates are fed.

Sheriff Scott Nichols had previously asked permission to hire above the standard starting wage to align with prospective candidates’ prior experience. Sheriff Nichols approached the commissioners again in the October 21 meeting, requesting to hire Victoria Roman of Temple as a Food Service Supervisor. Roman has fifteen years experience in the food service industry and a culinary arts degree. He also asked to hire Jadea LaMontagne of New Sharon as a cook. LaMontagne has four years experience as a cook.

The commissioners approved hiring both candidates at a rate of pay commensurate with their levels of experience.

A dress code policy was presented to the commissioners for review. Currently, there is a uniform code at the sheriff’s department, but there is not a dress code for other county employees. According to Tiffany Baker, the county’s human resources specialist, the dress code would ensure that employees wore safe and professional attire within the work place. Commissioner Lance Harvill requested a review to see if the policy met OSHA standards. The policy will be added to the county’s personnel policy handbook.

Lisa Laflin, director of the local United Way, asked for permission to administer a workplace fundraising for county employees. The United Way offers a variety of social services programs within the region and raises funds from different sources, including workplace fundraisers through payroll deductions. Commissioner Terry Brann said he was hesitant to allow them to run the program without knowing if any employees were interested; he asked if they could run a poll of employees to see if there was sufficient interest. If there was interest among county employees, he was not opposed to the fundraising effort.

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