New restaurant to open in Wilton

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WILTON – Diners rejoice, a replacement for the Boiler Room has been found.

Veteran restaurateurs Rocell and Thomas Marcellino of New Sharon, plan to start operations within the former G.H. Bass & Company building, serving Italian-American cuisine. They plan to call their newest venture “The Calzolaio Pasta Co.,” with ‘calzolaio’ meaning ‘shoemaker’ in Italian.

The former Boiler Room, which closed in September, will open as The Calzolaio Pasta Co.

“It’s worse than naming a kid,” Rocell Marcellino said with a laugh, “eventually you just have to pick something.”

The Marcellinos have more than 60 years of restaurant experience between them, having opened, owned and operated Farmington’s Granary Brew Pub & Restaurant, as well as the original Boiler Room. They sold both of these businesses, starting a Chem-Dry upholstery and carpet cleaning franchise for the Franklin, Somerset and Kennebec counties in 2006.

Rocell Marcellino said that they intend to continue operating the Chem-Dry business, but that they’ll also be making pasta in Wilton, possibly as early as January.

“This opportunity happened to come along,” she said, speaking of Rick Mealey’s, the Boiler Room owner and chef, decision to sell. “We always had this at the back of our minds. We’re really excited to be doing something we love.”

The Calzolaio Pasta Co. will serve a wide variety of foods, catering to those interested in an inexpensive meal to those interested in a multi-course banquet. They intend to make their own pastas, possibly having all-you-can-eat pasta nights and pizza.

“When you have a customer base that’s not that large,” Marcellino said, “you have to offer different experiences in the same place. That’s what worked well at the Granary, where you could come in for a filet or a sandwich. That’s the atmosphere I’m looking to create.”

She also noted that town employees were especially pleased when the Marcellino’s expressed interest in the property and showed up to file for a liquor license. The former Bass building, located on the Wilson Stream, is an important part of the downtown area, part of the town which residents and selectmen have recently shown interest in possibly further improving through a beautification project. That possibility, Marcellino said, fit in really well with the niche The Calzolaio Pasta Co. was looking to fill.

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