Portland company expands to Rangeley

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Barrett Made expanded to Rangeley this year offering in-house architectural design as well as construction.

RANGELEY – The Portland-based architecture and construction company, Barrett Made, has expanded and is now offering their services out of their Main Street office in Rangeley.

Barrett Made started small—out of a pickup truck—about six years ago, and has grown from a construction company to incorporate in-house architectural design as well as construction, specializing in unique project designs.

“We did a tailor shop in Portland, we did a bakery, we did some work in a brewery, a start-up restaurant; some really unique places, you know, not like your generic office space. We kind of carved out a niche from there,” director Codie Keene said. “There’s a few people around that refer to themselves as design builds, but I would say we’re one of the only companies that truly does full architecture and construction under one roof, and I feel like that’s really what set us apart.”

In 2019, Barrett Made was approached to put together a proposal for renovating the third floor of the existing lodge on Saddleback Mountain, and their proposal was selected for the project. Keene stated that he fell in love with the mountain and the community and that project collaborations built enough momentum to expand.

One of their current projects is the Parmachenee a-frame village that will eventually have 22 homes. There are eight homes under construction at this time, all of which are reserved.

“We had the opportunity at the mountain, and then we also saw a huge opportunity just in the community; a lot of people moving to the area, a lot of opportunity to build some beautiful homes, and there kind of wasn’t enough help in the area,” Keene said. “We felt welcome from day one, so I hope that…we’re able to get our voice out and let people know we’re here for the right reasons and we’re very excited to be a part of the community.”

Barrett Made promotes a timely, collaborative process where all project needs can be met in one place and is looking to provide further access to their specialty.

Barrett Made is also hiring and offers full benefits like health insurance, competitive pay, vacation time and a 401k.

“We have a lot of interesting work and can use a lot more hands. And we’d love to hire more local people,” Keene said. “I think that’s another thing people don’t probably realize, or are used to necessarily, in a construction company, is that we do have just enough corporate structure from Portland, we’re just getting big enough to the point where we can offer all those benefits that really do make a difference.”

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