Rangeley high school senior awarded Maine Principal Award

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Amelia Stokes, Jaime Lynn Photography. Photo provided by RLRS.

RANGELEY – Amelia Stokes, a senior at Rangeley Lakes Regional School, has been selected to receive the Maine Principal’s Award.

Amelia is the daughter of Brad and Kelly Stokes.

The award, sponsored by the Maine Principals’ Association, is given in recognition of a high school senior’s academic excellence, outstanding school citizenship, and leadership.

Amelia’s teachers shared their thoughts about her. “Amelia is the kind of student I dreamt of teaching as I entered the profession. I come to the classroom eager to show, teach and experience learning with other curious minds and to encounter a learner with hunger for knowledge is my paycheck. Mimi makes me feel like my choice to become a teacher was the right one. She is kind and wants everyone to experience the joy that learning can bring to one’s life. There aren’t enough words to express the qualities that make up a Mimi or the joy she brings to the classroom. Personally, and professionally, I am a better person because I had the honor of being her teacher.”

“Amelia Stokes is a gift to teachers and to administrators and to coaches. She is fully invested in her own education and selflessly supports the learning of others. As Amelia’s English teacher and Advisor for three years, I could effortlessly heap on a mountain of accolades about her admirable character, and she would deserve every one of them. Instead, I would rather consider how her peers measure her place in their ranks. Amelia is admired and respected by her classmates. Her words have a heft to them that cross barriers and unite rather than divide. We know how growing children can sometimes be towards each other, yet I never once witnessed an unkind word or deed come from, or aimed at, Amelia. She deserves every recognition she receives because she is that all-too-rare individual spreading kindness and acceptance wherever she goes.”

Rangeley Lakes Regional School is a K-12 school that serves the greater Rangeley Lakes community including the towns of Dallas Plantation, Magalloway Plantation, Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation and Sandy River Plantation.

The Principal’s Award is presented in more than 100 Maine public and private high schools by member principals of the MPA, the professional association which represents Maine’s school administrators.

Congratulations, Amelia!

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