Reflections in nature

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Reflections over Wilson Lake after a lightning show (photo by Steve Muise, Farmington)
Yellow Warbler, (photo by Steve Muise, Farmington)
Green heron fishing, (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington)
Quoting musician friend and poet Dudley Laufman from his poem, “Fiddlehead Fern” Which came first,
the fern or the fiddle (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington)
Bumblebee, Farmington, (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington)
Savannah Sparrow, Farmington (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington)
Brown Thrasher on Sumac, Farmington (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington)
Brown Thrasher, Farmington. Brown Thrashers are from the family “Mimidae” (along with Cat Birds and Northern Mockingbirds), and have the largest repertoire of songs out of all the birds in North America. Cornell Labs describes them as exhuberant singers. Their calls are usually made in pairs. (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington)
Surf pounds the Portland Head Light on Wednesday.
Tulips, daffodils, and dandelions create a colorful array in this field in Wilton.
A family of geese in Wilton. (Dennis York)
It sounds like a cat, but flies like a bird, it must be a catbird. (Dennis York)
New homes are under construction in Wilton. (Dennis York)
Turtles in the sun. (Dennis York)
Everything is turning green (even the bugs.) (Dennis York)
Inside a Tulip blossom. (Dennis York)
A loon in Wilton. (Dennis York)
A Bittern on the edge of the bog. (Dennis York)
Bright eyed babies. (Dennis York)
(Karen Dalot)
(Karen Dalot)
(Karen Dalot)
(Karen Dalot)

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